Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Tree is Up.

I just finished decorating our tree. We got a spruce today. We are very careful to get a non-aggressive Christmas tree. We have had some in Christmases past that do not like anyone, I do mean ANYONE putting ornaments, lights, or anything on their branches. Their needles are so sharp that if they could talk they would say, "STAY AWAY FROM US, WE WILL HURT YOU!" Spruces are very friendly and they hold my heavy ornaments well. White pines have wimpy branches and although they are not prickly sharp, many of my ornaments end up falling off. As I was decorating tonight, I found myself singing Paul McCartney's Christmas song, "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime." It is one of my favorite rock n roll type Christmas songs. My husband likes "Santa Baby" as his secular Christmas favorite:) I don't know all the words to Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime, but just sing the title over and over and it works. The video on YOUTUBE of Paul McCartney singing it at Rockefeller Center is a good one. If I were computer--smart, I'd put it up here for you, but no can do. I need my daughter to handle that kind of saavy stuff. My favorite Christmas hymn is "O Holy Night". This tells the true meaning of Christmas. However, if you happen to be decorating and start humming and singing the Paul McCartney ditty, then go on ahead and I'll join you. Merry Christmas!

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