Sunday, March 18, 2012


Cartoon Spring Clip Art

In two days time, spring will officially arrive. However, winter never came this year. We have had spring most days since winter was supposed to have arrived. We did have a few snow flakes in February that made an appearance and quickly vanished with the sunny weather. So, with the mid 60's to 70's temps. this year, I am beginning to wonder if  we will have winter in April or May. Hope not. I took my mom for a walk today and she wanted me to push her wheelchair faster. Mom has never been one to "stop and smell the roses." As a matter of fact, I paused her wheelchair today so she could look at a plant with lovely purple blossoms. She plucked a piece of the plant off and said let's go. I tried to get her to observe the pretty blue skies, she said, "there sure are a  lot of cars." It was still good for her and me to get out and stroll, I mean speed walk down the picturesque street where my mom lives. The blossoms of the pear trees, the redbud trees ,the daffodils and the fresh air, as well as the extended daylight hours thanks to daylight savings time (which I wish we would just keep all year long), make me especially grateful. Today in church, our pastor gave a wonderful message. He reminded each of us to: 1. Be thoughtful. 2. Come along side someone to encourage. 3. Forgive. So don't waste another minute inside. Get on outside, enjoy this gorgeous weather and bless someone with random acts of kindness.

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prncssprple said...

It was a beautiful day for sure! Spring isn't officially here yet. So you might get another winter day but probably not!