Monday, October 26, 2015

Autumn Reflections

With the cool weather here and the brilliant fall colors bursting all about, I can't help but take a few minutes to reflect on God's abundant blessings. Yesterday, I went back in time to visit my high school for its fiftieth anniversary. In many ways, it was as if time had stopped. My locker was still there. The cafeteria, the gym, the office and much remain as I remember it when I walked the halls and went about my daily routine from 1965 to 1969. Back then, my brother, who was just 1 year behind me in school, and I would walk the short walk from home to school each day. God was good to us. Our home life was simple and satisfying. We had a dad and a mom who showered us with love and affirmation.
I drove by the home we grew up in yesterday too. We moved into this brand new Levitt home rancher in August of 1964. Yesterday, as I drove by, the house has had a few upgrades, but overall, it too is the same.
Today, my loving father, encouraging mother and outgoing brother are all in heaven. I think of them so much with a full heart.
Next week would have been my mom's 92nd birthday. The first time in 64 years that she and I haven't been together to help her celebrate. I will miss that time of being with her, yet it is a joy to know my parents and brother are together.
I know I will see them again and yes, we will celebrate together.
I am grateful for my most wonderful husband, Garland, who showers me with overflowing love. I am so thankful for our wonderful daughters and son in law and joyful grandson and granddaughter.
As the saying goes, Life is good! So on this autumnal afternoon, I give praise to the one who created me and makes all the pieces fit together. Thank you, God for past days, present days and all that is to come.

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