Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's HOT!!!

Welcome to July! August is supposed to be 'The Dog Days", but we have experienced a beginning to this 7th month with record-breaking heat. As June said goodbye on Saturday, we had been without power from Friday night until 5PM on the last day of June. Many people in our area were without power much longer than us. Some, didn't lose power at all. My hisband began to contemplate that we are becoming a nation of must have air-conditioning to survive. When he and I were children in the '50's, we just didn't have A/C in our homes, cars, stores, anywhere. I remember a black occilating fan in our home.That seemed to keep us happy. Of course we could do the folding fans or just the stiff piece of cardboard type fans. It was very much like scenes from Andy Griffith in Mayberry.  People were content without air conditioning. It wasn't until 1964  that we had central air. We thought that was amazing!! Maybe my husband is right, maybe we have become wimps in the heat. As I write this, the coolness of our air compressor is blowing sweet, refreshing, chilled air in my direction. Lord, I thank you for that. Also, thanks for ice, swimming pools, portable fans, and all the other cool comforts You have provided.  Lord, I will try not to complain when I read the thermometer.

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