Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's Fall!

Even thought the temperature is in the 80's today, fall has officially begun. In just a few weeks, the trees will become glorious shades of red, orange, purple and yellow. The air WILL get cooler. For now, I am enjoying the transition of warm days and pleasant evenings. It's still great tennis weather or for that matter most any outdoor activity you like. I just returned from a few days with my daughter and family. My grandson loves to be outside. I took him to the playground twice while there. After being on the slides, in the tunnels, on the dirt pile and in general playing, he heard the sound of a train in the distance. He will cup his ear, listen to the sound and say, "Choo-choo wake up!!" Then he runs to a steering wheel on the platform of the equipment and turns the wheel in all seriousness. You see, it is HIS job to manage that unseen train. He can hear it on the tracks, but it isn't visible. Then he will say, "Choo-choo coming through!" When the sound of the choo-choo chugs away, his job is done, that is until the next train is heard. I do have fun playing with this boy. He is alert and so smart. His mommy told me that he made a new friend the other day on the playground. My daughter said it was so fun to watch them play well together and to enjoy each other's company. So like my little grandson and this Nana, get out there and have fun in the fall! Thanks God, for this, my favorite season of all!!

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