Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Welcome to 2014! We are just into the beginning of a c-c-cold January. Although we have only had a dusting of snow since the New Year began (not like the picture), the temperature has been b-r-r-r-r. Yesterday, every state registered temperatures below freezing! I don't see how that included Hawaii, but who's to question the weatherman, right?  We started off the day at 5 degrees. Schools were closed due to the frigid weather. Even today, schools around here opened 2 hours late to help the kiddos and their teachers ease back into their routine of getting up and out the door. Some people were interviewed on the news last night and were asked to finish this sentence, "It's so cold that...."  One response was, "It's so cold that I can't even finish the sentence."
What does the cold do to us? Well, if we lived in New England or in Alaska, we probably wouldn't even consider this as that bad. I have often said that if I had been a Pilgrim in Massachusetts, I would have been a wimpy Pilgrim and probably wouldn't have survived that first blustery winter. I layered up, gloved my hands and donned a woolen hat yesterday to run errands, yes run is the key word. Our 11 pound miniature daschund bolts back inside after a 10 second bathroom excursion. So, the cold helps us fully appreciate warmth. We have warm water for showers, thermostats that register inside temps. in the 60's and 70's. Last night for dinner, I had a bowl of hot goose soup. I know that sounds silly, "Goose Soup", but that's what my husband made after our Christmas goose dinner. The sun is a welcome friend on these bone chilling days. On these bitter cold nights, looking up into the clear sky and seeing the brightly shining stars and constellations is a little gift of warmth.
So here's to warm thoughts and warmer days in 2014.

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