Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Personal Training

As one of my Christmas presents, I received a gift certificate for 3 sessions of personal training. Today will be the first session. Apparently, there is a special, so since I have the 3 sessions , I will get a 4th one free. Oh Boy! (said with no excitement) It is part of my daily routine to workout. I will run one day and lift the next. The personal trainer part is what is different. I have had 1 shared session with J. and toward the end, I turned a shade of grayish-green as the amount of weight he had me lifting was way more than what I would normally do.
There are many trainers out there. Some of them just say, "Great job, you're doing awesome!" When if the truth be told, you're not really doing much. They are just there to encourage, yet not really push you to your limits. J. is not one of these. He pushes his clients to be all that they can be and that's not an Army slogan only.
If I don't work very hard today, he may just say some things which I won't want to hear but are necessary words to "motivate" me.
So, what am I saying about the upcoming torture hour? I am saying, I know I won't die (at least not from this). I know what he has me do will make me stronger. I will be sore tomorrow. Let's get this over with, at least until next week.

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