Friday, February 25, 2011


For the past 2 days, I have wanted to just curl up in a ball and hide. I think I got a bug from my mom, but the doctor thinks it is allergies from the high winds we have been having around here. I kind of hibernated all day yesterday,took my meds and drank hot tea, but this morning I needed to be upbeat as I spoke for a school chapel.
Thankfully, I woke up feeling a lot better, but still had a nasty cough. Could I talk for 10 minutes without coughing like a maniac? As it turned out, I made it through and the little ones didn't seem to mind my raspy voice. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the taste of warm, homemade custard when I am feeling yucky. So, on this windy day, I opened my pantry and saw the custard mix. Granted,it was far from homemade, but the Jello brand cook and serve filled the bill. It is a comfort food for me. I don't always have it when I'm sickly, but the combination of the blustery day and the under-the-weather feeling,made it just the right pick-me-up. On days that are warm and sunny and when I am feeling chipper, the frozen-variety is a yummy treat too. Yes, I do like custard.

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prncssprple said...

I didn't know that you liked to eat custard when you don't feel well. That's probably because you rarely get sick. I do know that your voice is sounding better and I hope that you are back to feeling 100% soon. I love you!