Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Terpmobile

On Thursday afternoon, I drove my Terpmobile over to the school where I had taught for many years. My Terpmobile and I were going to meet the first first draft pick made by the new UM basketball coach, Mark Turgeon. The junior in high school will sign officially (once he is a senior) to play basketball for my college alma mater in 2012.
It was fun meeting this young man and taking his pictures with the Terpmobile. When I went to Maryland, the basketball coach was Lefty Driesell. I would sometimes study in Cole Fieldhouse while the basketball players were practicing. I didn't like the quietness of the library, so studying in the bleachers worked. Cole Fieldhouse is no longer there,so when my husband and I go to a game in 2012, we will be watching from the Comcast Center. I really don't know the rules of basketball. I do know you need to get that big round ball in the basket, but the part about traveling, I just don't know. You have to "travel" to get the ball down the court, but the referees are always calling someone out for doing this traveling thing.
My brother always said that college basketball was more exciting than pro basketball. I have heard that more and more over the years.
Best wishes to this future Terp who is welcome to drive my Terpmobile.

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prncssprple said...

I think those pictures were great! It's cute that you have a vehicle to represent UMD. It should be the new mascot! :)