Tuesday, April 6, 2010


What is it about the first signs of spring that cause us to rejoice? Although my favorite season is fall, I would have to claim spring as a close second. We have a red bud tree in our front yard. My husband planted a red bud tree the day after my brother died in 1996 in his memory. That tree was destroyed in a wind storm a year or so ago. So the new red bud is in the same spot and is thriving. Its blossoms are a deep pink. Our pear tree is also in bloom and its blossoms are white. We have apple trees and peach trees sharing in the glorious show going on in our yard. You would think I would be content to just sit and look at all the signs of spring right here on our property. But.... when I saw the cherry blossoms on TV in our nation's Capital, I just needed (wanted) to go there and see them close-up. My husband and I were going to go on Good Friday until we saw the I95 traffic going that way. Then, we decided to go after church on Easter Sunday, however, the traffic said once again,
"That is not a good idea." What we ended up doing was surprising the blossoms and the traffic by being covert and coming in to DC from another angle. Yes, it worked! Of course once we got to Cherry Blossom Central, we encountered the rest of the world who were also there to witness the pretty trees. With no place to park, my chauffeuring husband and me,with camera ready, snapped pictures right and left as our souvenir. We even went to Haines Point where my family and my husband's family had taken us when we were both young children. We may have even been there at the same time way back then and didn't know. Needless to say, it wasn't as crowded back in the sixties as it was this year.
The lesson learned on this Easter is one of gratitude. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift of Jesus who died and rose again for each of us. The blossoms sure are pretty too. Thanks, God.

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