Monday, June 21, 2010

Poughkeepsie Wedding

This past weekend was the wedding of our niece. So off we went on Saturday morning with plenty of time to change into our fancy clothes and then on to the wedding at 5:30. That was the plan, I should say. As soon as we pulled out of our driveway, the car went beep-beep-beep and I could see the "needs coolant" symbol showing on the instrument panel, just barely. The lights are so dim there. It would cost a bunch to fix it, so we have just left it that way. We have to guess at what the symbol is. However, with the lighting just right in the early morning hours, we could see it was the coolant symbol. My husband had just added coolant last week. The temperature gauge was in the middle and not going toward the H. We just figured it was beeping for no reason. Oftentimes, when my husband is driving, the car in which he is driving will beep. He normally gets exasperated and says,"WHAT?!?!" So off we went for mile after mile. Every so often, the beep-beep-beep would go off just to say hello. Somewhere in the tri-state area of NY/NJ/PA, the temperature dial starts edging over to that dreaded H. We pulled off at a gas station, added more coolant, filled up the tank, added a quart of oil, let the car rest a bit and off again. This should have made the machine happy. You know, like giving a kid what it wants so the trip will be more enjoyable. Shortly after this, we found ourselves getting off at the next exit, because, yes, the needle was moving to the right again. This time when we opened the hood, the coolant was totally gone. There was a leak, no doubt. I got out our 'gecko' insurance card to ask for a tow truck and to get a rental car to finish the trip. My husband was on his cell trying to locate a rental company to no avail. The Gecko came through for us on all counts. Within 30 minutes, the towtruck had the car on the flatbed and us in the cab. The towtruck driver was nice enough to drive us to the car rental place, before taking our car back home to our own mechanic. Yes, the Gecko will tow your car wherever you want it taken, if you have the towing on your policy. Yea, so glad we have that!!
Now we are heading to the wedding in the rental car, but it's 4:00, we are 50 miles from the hotel and 25 more minutes to get to the wedding by 5:30. 4:00+50 miles+time to change+25 minutes doesn't equal 5:30. We made it to the hotel about the time the wedding was starting. So,we changed really quickly and started off down this way, turn that way onto streets that weren't clearly marked. My husband said the wedding was going to be in a barn, but apparently that is what our niece had originally wanted. He didn't know that those plans had been nixed. As we found the Country Club where the wedding and reception were held, we just said, "Well I guess this is a NY style barn!"
We did enjoy the reception. The food was sooooo good! Our nephews make me laugh with their funny jokes. One of our nephews could have gone into stand-up comedy and made a fortune just by standing up. He is that funny!! We heard that my brother-in-law did a fine job of giving his daughter away and didn't even trip going down the outdoor aisle. They said the actual ceremony was about 10 minutes. Are we glad we went? Yes. Are we glad to be home? YES!
Click-click, there is no place like home!!

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