Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Car is Red not Green, I Think

Since getting the Smart car a week ago today,several people have said, "I didn't know you were so green." OK, confession time....when I decided to buy this car and then ordered it in June, it was because I thought it was cute and practical. Green didn't enter my mind. Sorry, all my environmentally-friendly friends. Although, the Smart car isn't electric (however I am told there is an electric Smart for lease in the UK) or even a hybrid,I guess it is kinda green in the fact that it is little and gets good gas mileage. Does that count? Another cool thing that I have discovered is that the car makes people smile. When I am out running errands in it, people will look and always smile. Now, the reason behind these smiles could be that they think it is a silly or funny-looking car. Just maybe people smile at it because it is so cute and it naturally has a built-in smile feature. If this is the case, then my little red car is green because anything that produces a smile is environmentally friendly!! :) Oh yeah, Happy Earth Day!

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rickrista said...

I like how you think!!