Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

Welcome to the merry month of May! Whenever I think of Mayday, I am reminded of the fun video on Youtube called "What are you sinking about?" It has nothing to do with this being May Day, but I never get tired of watching it. If I were saavy about how to put the video right on this blog, I would, but alas, I am not that technologically gifted. My family has seen it many times, but if you haven't, it is a must see. Enjoy this month filled with Mayflowers- whoa, I mean May flowers, not the boat with the Pilgrims.


Antiquerain said...

May I ask, did you take this picture. It is lovely!

eastlesswater said...

Yes, I took it in our front yard. The butterfly just happened to be there when I took the picture. I started to upload a picture of flowers from the free internet sites, but said to myself- "hey self, you've got flowers bloomin' all over the yard!"