Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lessons, Texas Style

Last week I accompanied my husband on a business trip to the state of his birth, Texas. While he was in meetings each day, I ventured out into the Ft. Worth downtown area, known as Sundance Square. I also went to Dublin (Texas that is) and got some Dr. Pepper at the world's oldest soda factory. They have been making this 10-2-4 drink since 1885! This is where Dr. Pepper is still made the right way, with sugar cane and not high fructose corn syrup. Since Dr. Pepper is my favorite drink and was my grandmother's favorite and my future son-in-law's, this was one place that was calling my name. Come to find out that they also sell Debbie's Dr. Pepper Cake and Frosting Mix. I made one of these for my mom's birthday today. Yes, it does taste like Dr. Pepper, with some chocolate of course.
These are some of the lessons I learned last week:
1. Cowboys drive big pick-up trucks with cattle bars around the front grill.
2. Cowboys starch their jeans for going out on the town.
3. The shoulder on the roads is used for getting over and continuing to drive so that the Texans can pass you. They tip their hats and wave, neighborly-like, when you move over to the right.
4. Heads of longhorns are mounted on the walls of a downtown Ft. Worth bank. I had to go in to see these huge horns with heads, as we don't have longhorns mounted on the walls of banks around these parts.
5. Ft. Worth is a friendly and easy to get around city.
6. I am now a member of the Ft. Worth library, even though I just needed a day pass.
7. The Bass Performance Hall has the bathroom stall doors painted so they each look like treble clefs and other musical notes.
8. Many of the towns in Texas are built around a town square. Lots of fun shopping to be had in them there squares.
9. You can get a rodeo scholarship at Tarleton State University in Stephenville.
10.Texas is a long drive from here.

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